How do I book an estimate?

We offer all our clients free estimates. 

Please go to our "Appointments" page and select a service, choose who you would like to book with. Selecting "Any Available" will give you more options for time slots. Select a date and time. Enter your personal information including notes. This will give your estimator a better idea of services you are looking for.  

What happens during my estimate appointment?

After you schedule your estimate, your assigned Account Manager will come to the address provided and talk to you about services we offer and questions you may have. Onsite, you will receive a estimate. 

What to expect during my service?

Housekeepers will arrive on-time calling 15 minutes before your appointment. Upon arrival, they will get right to work cleaning. Sometimes homes will need more attention, if this is the case not all tasks will be completed unless extra time is purchased. Please give your housekeeper a priority list to ensure we get the most important areas.  Before the end of your visit your housekeeper will do a walk through to ensure your satisfaction.

I have my estimate. What now?

Once you receive your estimate via email. You will be given a chance to approve it straight from your device. Now we can schedule your cleaning appointment .

Are there any fees?

To book an estimate there are no fees.  It's Free.  However canceled cleaning appointments less than 48 Hours in advance may be billed a cancellation fee. Please see Service Agreement at the "About Us" section. Service Agreements will be attached to each estimate as well. 

Can I use my product?

During the estimate we will go over all product we carry and ask if you want to use a particular product provided by you. We try to provide green product to commercial strength.

Can my pets roam free as normal?

Yes. Absolutely. You know your pets behavior better than us. If you have a nervous pet we may ask you to provide a safe space while we are cleaning.

Can I choose my housekeeper?

Most of our clients are assigned a housekeeper based on their needs. But we encourage you to ask for a new housekeeper at anytime until we find the right fit.

What if something is broken after a cleaning?

Our housekeepers will do their best not to break anything in your home. We insured above state standard limits. Please call our office to report any damage issues. 

Where do I leave Feedback?

Positive feedback is the best form of flattery! After your appointment we ask all our clients to give us feedback on services provided. This will provide us with insight on how we can better serve you! 

Do you offer other services?

Some services may not be listed on our site. Please call or schedule an estimate so we can provide you with a custom service. 

When do I pay?

All invoices are due the day of the service. If you have  a recurring monthly or weekly billing  this will be due on the date set by you and your account manager. A $25.00 late fee is charged after the following day.